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Planning to Return to Homeland by Hussain – A Fraudster of £300 million
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Planning to Return to Homeland by Hussain – A Fraudster of £300 million

Scotland’s wealthiest VAT fraud suspect, Imran Hussain, is looking for a deal to return home. He is allegedly involved in a scam according to HRMC investigators where he is suspected of stripping £300 million of tax payer’s money.

After being forced out of his hometown he has been living an affluent life in the millionaire’s playground of Dubai but according to sources he is “desperate” to come back home although having everything he could wish for in the tiny emirate, Hussain is willing to come back home if he is able to negotiate a “fair” deal with the custom officials
One source said: “He is willing to return but not to spend lengthy sentence”. He would prefer to return huge amount of sum in return for a light sentence which would make the authorities feel that justice has been done and they can look upon at the cash seizure as a success.
Hussain, had already been in contact with HMRC negotiating a possible deal and sources reveal that the communication between him and the authorities as highly “sensitive”.
The fugitive is suspected to be involved in a group which headed a Europe-wide operation and eventually set up bogus firms linked to VAT fraud. They claimed back VAT on goods they were imported and exported. The goods were usually small but high-value items such as mobile phones and computer chips- which actually never physically existed.
Source Page : http://www.vatratfraudcases.com/imran-hussain-vat-rat-fraud-glasgow-scotland/
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